Opal Triplet Ring


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An Opal Triplet ring for those with a sense of modernistic style. Protected with a top layer of quartz, triplets are quite durable. So, enjoy wearing this ring without fear of breaking the fragile opal. In addition, triplets make owning opal much more affordable.

This opal triplet is lavish in shades of red, opal’s most coveted color. Deep colors of red, green and blue dance around the gem with an otherworldly feel. Truly captivating! The abstract triangular shape adds to the ring’s modernistic feel.

Designed and crafted in sterling silver with a mid-century flair. A nice sterling silver bezel surrounds the opal for added protection.

What is an Opal Triplet?

Thin slices of opal are adhered to a thicker dark base like obsidian. This is for stability and can also bring out the colors of the opal visually. Lastly, on top of the opal is the third layer that makes triplets more durable than doublets or even solid opal. Typically, a clear quartz dome is the third layer, added to the top for protection. This may also create a magnifying glass effect that enhances the opal’s play-of-color. An added plus, triplets sell for much less than a solid opal. Learn more about opal doublets and triplets.

Opal is October’s birthstone. Contrary to belief, opal is not unlucky to those not born in October. Unfortunately, this idea has lasted since the 1800s. First, it was demonized in a fictional book by Sir Walter Scott and the opal market actually crashed. But later, Queen Victoria made opals highly popular again. Because, let’s face it, they’re phenomenal. However, it’s believed diamond traders spread the unlucky rumor again to sway customers to buy diamonds instead.

At any rate, we love opals, and have a good selection of loose stones, opal jewelry and fire opal jewelry.

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October-Opal or Tourmaline


Blues, Greens, Reds


Sterling Silver