Opal and Tsavorite Garnet Pendant



An opal and tsavorite garnet pendant alive with stunning flashes of color. You won’t find another one like it anywhere. We let October’s birthstone opal, really shine in this pendant. What a fabulous stone!

Two Stunning Gems In One Pendant

First, the opal. More special than your typical predominantly white opal. This 13.21 ct. gem vibrates with flashes of bright lime green. It’s a special stone!

Next, we have the ideal exclamation point for the opal with this green tsavorite garnet. This little .10 ct. gem is so vibrant it sings! And, in perfect harmony with the opal’s green flashes.

The Opal & Tsavorite Garnet Pendant’s Design

Mother Nature’s gifts are put together in this original design from Clay Copeland. Here Copeland lets the vibrancy of the two stones shine with a simple design that expertly exemplifies the less is more concept. Masterfully hand-crafted in glowing 14K yellow gold in Copeland’s shop.

We love opals at Copeland Jewelers and have featured them for decades at our store in Austin, Texas. Consequently, we always have several of them for you to see. Lay your eyes on gorgeous opals set into designs as well as loose stones. So, come see this opal and tsavorite garnet pendant in living color today. Before it’s gone.

(Chain not included)


Additional information


October-Opal or Tourmaline


Clay Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K


Opal, Opal – Fire, Tsavorite/Green Garnet