Nevada #8 Turquoise Pendant



A Nevada #8 Turquoise pendant, handcrafted in sterling silver at Copeland Jewelers. Boasting a highly collectible piece of turquoise from Nevada’s famous old #8 Mine.

Turquoise from the Number 8 mine in Nevada’s Eureka county is some of the most collectible turquoise of all time. First mined in 1929, it’s now been closed for many decades. Fortunately, in 1976, Dowell Ward stockpiled a large collection of it before shutting down his mine. His stockpile has been doled out over the years and once his reserve is gone, it’s gone.

We found this gorgeous stone in Santa Fe. Here, we have a large oval stone with a nice high dome in a beautiful dark shade of blue. Its characteristic spider web matrix is a golden to reddish brown color. Most Number 8 turquoise is the spider web type with matrix color ranging from golden brown to black. Darker shades of blue are quite rare and highly valued.

This shield motif makes an excellent design to show off this wonderful piece of turquoise. The artist has given us a design with an organic feel that harmonizes well with this exceptional gemstone.


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December-turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite




Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver