Multi-color Tahitian Pearls


Multi-color Tahitian Pearls in luscious natural colors.

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Tahitian pearls are at the top of the ladder in today’s classic pearl strands. You see the deeply colored pearls on dignitaries, entertainers, and CEOs. In board rooms, on TV, and at both business as well as social events. Easily humming along with any outfit you’re wearing. An impressive classic that perfectly flows from professional wear right into evenings out.

These gorgeous graduated pearls measure 10 – 11.6mm each. Displaying an impressive rainbow of natural hues of platinum and silver, peacock green, light green, blue-green, and rosé. These organic natural colors are warm and distinct. Displaying a metallic reflective quality that enhances these treasures. In addition, nothing feels as nice worn against the skin as fine pearls.

Professionally knotted and strung with a sterling silver pearl clasp.

 Pearl Lore & A Little History

Along with moonstone and alexandrite, pearls are the birthstone for June. Pearl is also for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Revered since time immemorial, pearls are known as the Queen of Gems. They’ve always held a special place in our culture from Steinbeck’s novel The Pearl to the iconic necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These unique gemstones have been worn and admired for centuries, probably since humans first started opening up mollusks.

La Pelegrina is considered the most valuable and historical pearl of all time. It reportedly sold from Elizabeth Taylor’s collection at Sotheby’s in 2011 for 11 million dollars.

Pearl Meanings

  • Pearls manifest innocence, charity, and faith.
  • It helps deepen your personal integrity and to focus your attention.
  • In addition, they symbolize purity. Purity clears our body and mind for wisdom and spiritual guidance.

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June-Pearl or Moonstone