Morganite Cushion Cut Earrings


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Morganite Cushion Cut earrings set in 14K rose gold. In that ever-lovely shade of pink with orange that only comes from Morganite. A very popular stone because of its beautiful color. Truly, a very romantic shade that looks good on many different skin tones.

Two luscious cushion cut morganites, each one weighing about 1.21 carats. Thanks to a really great cut, these two have magnificent refraction and brilliance. Morganites became popular a few years ago and have been trending ever since because their color is unlike any other gem. With a nice pink and orange balance that’s not salmon and not peach, and a soft organic tone rather than neon-like.   The total morganite weight for both earrings is 2.42 carats.

Next, each cushion-cut morganite is surrounded by nice high-quality, sparkling diamonds that really make the morganites pop.  The total diamond weight is almost 1/3 carat (0.30 ct.) for both earrings.

And finally, one thing that really enhances that beautiful morganite color is setting these in 14K rose gold! An absolutely lush combination!

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Peach, Pinks


Rose Gold 14K