Mokume Band in Rose Gold



A Mokume Band in Rose Gold with a sophisticated look and feel.

What is Mokume Gane?

Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese technique of metal smithing adopted for their sword making. It’s a very time consuming process. Basically, multi-colored layers of different metals are welded into a solid block of metal at very high heat and pressure. At this point, sword makers or jewelers work this solid piece of metal exposing the multiple layers and colors within it. Creating beautiful, complex patterns, looking very similar to wood grain. In fact, mokume gane loosely translates into “wood grain metal”.

Our Mokume Band in Rose Gold

Making for a comfortable fit, this narrow band measures 3mm wide.

Lush layers of 18K and 14K multi-colored gold painstakingly create lovely hand-crafted patterns. The colors and patterns in this specific mokume band look earthy and almost like animal fur. Rose gold dominates the colors giving it a warm, comforting feel you’d be happy to wear for a lifetime.

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Mokume gane