Lodalite & Pink Tourmaline Pendant


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A lodalite & pink tourmaline pendant from our unique Custom Collection.


One of the things we love about custom design is we can use stones that you wouldn’t normally get to see. For example, this moss-colored lodalite with slight hints of rose color.  If you love wearing more unique, natural stones, you’ll love this lodalite and pink tourmaline. Quartz lodalite makes a wonderful pendant for everyday wear.

Because this lodalite is a good-sized stone at over 19 carats, it looks great on an 18-inch or longer chain. In addition, the pink tourmaline is the perfect accent to bring out the slight rose hue of this lodalite.

Expertly hand-crafted by designer Clay Copeland in fabulous 14K white gold. Therefore, you’ll notice weightiness and warmth when handling this piece.

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Lodalite Meanings

A lodalite and pink tourmaline pendant makes the perfect meditation tool. Because of its soothing yet powerful energy, it can quickly put you into a meditative state.

Believed to stimulate immune and energy systems by putting the overall body into balance. In addition, it’s believed to benefit the thyroid and pineal glands.

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