Lauren K Multi-Color Tourmaline Earrings


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Lauren K Multi-Color Tourmaline earrings in a fresh mismatched vertical design that we’re in love with. Do you love those longer-type earrings? Earrings with unique style and beauty? Then you’ll like Lauren K’s jewelry because that’s kind of her hallmark. She’s fabulous at putting together colors you might not expect, but they always look great.

In addition, her family has been jewelers for generations. Therefore, she has a collection of sensational colored gemstones. For example, these wonderful tourmalines in a pastel rainbow of pinks, pale green, deep greens, and golds. For a total tourmaline weight of 7.72 carats. But, who knew tourmalines come in so many different colors?

Tiny diamonds start it off at the top at the ear. Multiple colors are artfully displayed in harmonious colors and different shapes. This fun design includes ovals, pear shapes, rectangles, and even a hexagon. A tiny hinge between each stone gives these earrings wonderful movement.

You’ll love these trés chic earrings in 18K yellow gold!

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Lauren K


Yellow Gold 18K


Pink Tourmaline, Tourmaline – Green