Large Chrysoprase Pendant


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A large Chrysoprase pendant designed and created by Chris Copeland, right here in Austin, Texas. A striking piece of jewelry with impressive colors and craftsmanship.

Unlike most chrysoprase you get to see, this one stands out with the lovely green contrasting against its host rock. Some might confuse this lovely piece with turquoise. But no, this is chrysoprase, the most rare and expensive form of the chalcedony quartz group. (Other than the very rare Gem Silica).

Known to be Alexander the Great’s favored gem, his chrysoprase belt buckle was associated with his military success. As a result, this could be its link throughout the ages to protection, good luck, courage, and success. Cleopatra and the Egyptians believed it preserved youth and health. In addition, chrysoprase has been used to facilitate cheerfulness and drive away depression.

Befitting the protection chrysoprase was traditionally known for, the artist has repeated the protection theme by creating a shield-like design. The mirror finish on the sterling silver creates a contrast that really shows off the gemstone to its fullest. In addition, the sterling silver covers the entire back of the gemstone for the ultimate in protection. After all, it’s only right to return the favor.

For further protection, a handcrafted sterling bezel surrounds the stone. Also, notice the wonderful chain detail around the bezel for added interest and depth to the design.

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