Keshi Pearl Strand, Extra Fine



Not your mother’s pearls. These medium size Keshi pearls are so chic and glamorous! I want them. These glimmering, glowing beauties have highlights of sparkling white and touches of ever-so-soft pinks and blues that never seem to stay in one place.

Like most pearls, keshis almost always come from cultured pearls. Layers of nacre is what makes any pearl lustrous. The more layers of nacre the more lustrous the pearl. However, unlike other pearls, keshi pearls have no nucleus. Therefore, they are pure 100% lustrous nacre. They feel luscious against the skin. And, complement anything you wear since colors subtly reflect off good lustrous pearls.

The pearls are drilled on the ends so it gives the illusion of two strands side by side when strung together. These shimmering lustrous beauties are professionally strung. Plus, this strand uses a strong magnetic clasp housed in sterling silver. So, easy and convenient to use, you’ll never need help getting this necklace on and off. And, it’s much less wear and tear on the string that all those pearls are strung on.











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June-Pearl or Moonstone


Silver Clasp, Stringing