Golden Pietersite Pendant



A golden pietersite pendant in shimmering golds, browns and steely blues. An original piece by Clay Copeland in our Custom collection. Clay tastefully sets an extraordinary stone set in a sleek, modern minimalist design in 14K yellow gold. Very versatile, you’ll find the neutral earthy color palate goes well with almost everything.

The Pietersite

Certainly the focal point of this piece is the large pietersite. High polish on this 19.70 ct. golden pietersite really shows off its intriguing chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is an optical reflective quality that looks like shimmering silk. Consequently, you’ll see mesmerizing movement and metallic-like color shifts in this stone. You may be most familiar with this phenomenon from the Tiger’s Eye gem. Therefore, pietersite is sometimes referred to as brecciated or fractured Tiger’s Eye. Some call it Tempest Stone for its stormy look. A rare stone typically mined in Namibia, Africa. It has a relatively high hardness of 7.

Lastly, a small citrine elegantly accents the golden tones of its larger partner.

Wear this pendant on a chain or a leather cord. Therefore making this large piece suitable for women or men. (Chain not included)

Metaphysical Properties

  • Pietersite lore holds that its tempest or storm-like character helps guard its wearer against adverse energies, whether from physical, emotional, or spiritual threats.
  • Shielding the wearer against negative effects of extended technology use.
  • In addition, Pietersite’s “storm” is thought to have a clearing effect. Cleansing its wearer to make way for positive growth and healing in all realms. For example, some struggling with addiction have found pietersite to be both strengthening and supportive.
  • Anyone wanting to create change in their life may be supported by Pietersite, as its cleansing and strengthening properties support a change from the deep inner core.

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Clay Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K