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Stunning Fire Opal pendant from Spark Creations! At Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Texas, we pride ourselves on gorgeous, quality colored gemstones. And, this 2 carat faceted fire opal is a highlight! Intense volcanic orange colors glow from within this opal. It goes without saying, you’re not going to see a gem like this one very often.

  • 2 carat faceted oval fire opal
  • Total VS1 diamond weight is just over 1/4 carat (.28ct.)
  • 18K white and yellow gold
  • 18K yellow gold chain included

Ever Heard of Fire Opals?

Fire opals are all about the color: fiery yellows, fiery oranges and fiery reds. They may be translucent or transparent with flashes of red, yellow, and orange. Mother Nature creates fire opals very much like blue/green Australian opals except in orange colors. Sometimes you find  them with opal’s characteristic play of colors but sometimes you find a completely crystal opal. We love both types. The fiery colors come from iron oxide impurities. Beauties like these used to come almost exclusively from Mexico. However, Ethiopia became an important source in the 1990s but with predominantly yellow colors.

From the Spark Creations Opal Collection

For over 30 years we’ve come to trust the quality and brilliance of Spark’s gorgeous colored gems. We have never gotten a stone from them that we didn’t think was stunning. Plus, we appreciate their finely crafted settings and designs. This pendant is in two-tone 18K gold, both white and yellow. Included, is an 18K yellow gold chain. Small round diamonds surrounding the opal are set in white gold as well as the diamond bail (that the chain goes through). The gold accent work and the chain are in yellow gold.

Opal being the October birthstone makes this fire opal pendant the gift of the year for your favorite October baby!


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October-Opal or Tourmaline




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14K yellow gold chain


White Gold 18K, Yellow Gold 18K




Opal – Fire