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An exceptional Emerald & Diamond ring that absolutely sings! This is the ring for your favorite Queen or Princess. This one is a real standout in the world of emeralds and jewelry. In addition, emerald celebrates the 20th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Weighing in at 1-1/3 ct, this emerald cut emerald is absolutely gorgeous. Its sensational color stands out beautifully with white gold and diamonds. This emerald exhibits the most desirable range of colors, from bluish green to pure green. It displays vivid, even color saturation. The few inclusions in this stone are called an internal “Jardin” (garden) by experts and are expected as part of the character of emeralds.

Finely crafted in 14K white gold with almost a carat (.92 ct.) of high-quality diamonds including substantial emerald cuts on each side of the bright green emerald. The diamonds really add to the design lines to show off the emerald.

Emerald History & Lore

Emerald is May’s birthstone. In addition, emerald celebrates the 20th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Revered for 6,000 years, emeralds are one of the most legendary gemstones in history. Its glowing spring green color symbolizes springtime, fertility, and rebirth for numerous cultures.

  • For Christians, they represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Ancient Romans associated emeralds with Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed them to represent fertility and rebirth and mined them as long ago as 1300 B.C.
  • Mayans called emerald “quetzalitzli”, for the quetzal bird’s green wings. Quetzacoatl is their god of rebirth, regeneration, sky, and earth. Interestingly, 1st century Teotihuacan’s in Mexico also connected emeralds to the planet Venus.

Spanish conquistadors found South American and Mexican royalty wearing over-the-top emeralds and other gems. Soon the Spanish “commandeered” all the gemstones, gold, and silver that they could confiscate. In 1992, a shipwreck with a portion of the Cortez loot was retrieved with over one MILLION carats of emeralds! One weighs well over 25,000 carats! Plus, the famous 964-carat Judgement emerald, currently valued at over $20 million!

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