Emerald Cut Tanzanite Earrings


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Oscar-worthy radiant cut Tanzanite earrings. You’ll feel like a million bucks wearing these fabulous tanzanite and diamond earrings. Tanzanite is one of the birthstones for the month of December. Plus, they’re the perfect gift for a December bride!

These velvety violet-blue tanzanites are both sensual and dynamic with deeply saturated colors. Considered the most favorable, these gems show off colors more on the blue side than purple. Boasting over four carats of tanzanite per ear for a total of 8.28 ct.

Tanzanite is well known for showing off different colors depending on the crystal directions when viewed. This is called pleochroic. Therefore, the cut of tanzanite will affect the color you see. Per the Gemological Institute of America, “Due to the gem’s strong pleochroism, fashioned examples typically show a mix of both blue and violet colors in a wide range of tones. As with most colored gemstones, paler colors are more available and affordable than saturated ones.”

Surrounding each gorgeous tanzanite is almost 1/2 ct. (.40ct.) of small VS quality diamonds for a total diamond weight of .80 carats.

Excellent craftsmanship in 14K white gold gives the earrings a distinctive look of class and high quality. Expertly hinged for greater comfort and to show off the color change with a bit of movement.

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December-turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite


Blues, Purples




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White Gold 14K