Diamond Leaf Tree of Life Pendant


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This Diamond Leaf Tree of Life pendant works on so many levels. Beautiful as a gift that your loved one will cherish, including a wonderful Mother’s Day present. An artful rendition of a very symbolic image.

The special details of this design make it a little wearable work of art. One of our favorite design elements are the little free-dangling diamond leaves that move and sparkle. Another, is the rendering of the tree itself. From the roots to the branches, the gold looks twisted to give the impression of organic, real wood. Framing the tree in its traditional circle is a halo of high quality diamonds that also go up the bail at the top. Total diamond weight is about a 1/2 carat (.49 ct.).

Expertly crafted in 14K yellow gold.

A Symbol Meaningful to Everyone

The Tree of Life, or Tree of Knowledge, reverberates throughout almost every culture on Earth, appearing in spiritual texts, mythology and folklore all over the planet. Although the stories and meanings vary, there is a common theme of a metaphysical tree connecting the physical world with the spiritual realms.

These spiritual realms include our ancestors and the Tree of Life has deep roots as a symbol of family. It represents the connection between us (the tree on top) and our ancestors (the roots below).

It’s an ancient symbol showing our connection to nature and the cycle of life, advising us that we are all interconnected to each other and our world. Symbolic in all aspects of the cycle of life, the Tree goes through dormancy and then leafs back out and comes to life again.






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Oro Alexander


Yellow Gold 14K