Diamond Laurel Leaf Pendant


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A Diamond Laurel Leaf pendant in 18K white gold. Just the right size for casual wear, a precious piece of jewelry you’ll be delighted with everyday. In addition, its size makes it great for layering.

Small prong set diamonds sparkle like dew atop each leaf. Each twinkling diamond is a full cut and faceted stone. White gold tendrils make up the branches. Notice the sweet tendril that loops around at the top of the pendant to make a bail to hang the chain. There’s also a diamond in the center of the loop. It’s these little details that make this such a fine pendant.                               Total diamond weight is about 1/4 carat (0.24 ct.).

Since ancient times the Laurel leaf,  has symbolized victory and honor. For example, Roman and Greek Emperors, and the earliest Olympians were crowned with laurel leaves. In addition, many academic establishments award degrees with laurel leaves. And, don’t forget Nobel laureates. In the bible laurel leaf is a noted symbol of success and prosperity. Also known as bay leaf, the plant has many health benefits. Therefore, it’s customary that people from many cultures gift these symbolic leaves for various occasions.

This small pendant lets you subtly revel in your victories. Or, gift it as a humble symbol to a loved one of victory, honor and good luck.

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White Gold 18K