Danhier Blue Topaz Sapphire Ring


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This Danhier blue topaz & sapphire ring is another masterpiece in design. Such a ring is a real standout. This is an extraordinary ring for several reasons.

  • First, we have a special center stone. Danhier has outdone himself with a large elongated oval blue topaz weighing almost 15 carats (14.95 ct.). Cut with a flat bottom, the pale blue topaz then goes on top of white mother of pearl. Consequently, the gem looks very dreamy and ethereal.
  • In addition, unique faceting gives this blue topaz an organic effect mimicking a natural stone.
  • And, once again Danhier’s color combinations are brilliant and satisfying. Here’s he’s complemented the large blue topaz with the pop of white diamonds and 18K white gold. Total diamond weight is about 3/4 ct. (.74 ct.)
  • Next, he balances out the color scheme with small blue sapphires.




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November-Topaz or Citrine




Christophe Danhier


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White Gold 18K


Blue Topaz, Sapphire – Blue