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A Custom Silver Band from Chris Copeland. If you appreciate exceptional craftsmanship that is unique and artistic, this sterling silver band may be perfect for you. Our inventive jeweler turns vintage sterling silverware into jewelry with an enduring romantic touch. Wear this sterling silver band as a right hand ring, or, as your cherished, one-of-a-kind wedding band.

Many everyday items used to be decorated by extraordinary artisans. Unfortunately, way too much of our artistic heritage is being melted down in refineries. So, when we saw such great examples of engraving and carving in this vintage sterling silverware we had to save them from the melting pot. And voila, the upcycled vintage sterling silver band. With this band we’ve turned old into new, as a treasured piece of jewelry.

For added comfort, the band tapers to the back. In addition, a small break in the pattern at the back of the band is included as a sizing bar. Currently a sized as a 7-1/4 and we can size it up or down for you as well.



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