Custom Prehnite & Peridot Pendant



A Custom Prehnite & Peridot Pendant, one of the latest beauties in our Custom Collection. Welcome to a peaceful sanctuary in this whispering, green ethereal creation. Prehnite’s soft, gentle energy combines beautifully with the small green peridot stones on top and bottom. All harmonizing together in 14K yellow gold.

Often translucent, but rarely transparent, Prehnite can also be yellow, tan and white. However, collectors favor the more transparent green with dark Epidote crystals. Notice the dark inclusions in this stone? Those are Epidote crystals, forming within the host rock before the Prehnite. In the course of time, liquid silica flows over them. And, voila, we have the prized Epidote encased inside.

All Prehnite are completely natural. So, you can be confident that your gemstone has never been enhanced with treatments.

Because it was originally discovered in Cape Horn of Africa, Prehnite is sometimes called “Cape Emeralds”.

Prehnite, a Healing Stone

Prehnite is known as a stone to “heal the healer”.  An emotional detox, some believe Prehnite clears away negative emotions and leaves us feeling emotionally clean and refreshed. The essence of unconditional love, some people use its soft gentle energy clears away negativity.

*Chain not included.

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Chris Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K


Peridot, Prehinite