Custom Agate Geode Pendant



A Custom Agate Geode pendant from Chris Copeland. People love these glamorized Geodes as wearable art! They typically don’t stay in our display case very long. They’re especially easy to wear for most any occasion. Especially this one, in its refined shade of gray. We search for the prettiest geodes, usually about the size of a quarter to a half dollar.

People have long been fascinated with geodes. It’s like you’re getting to see a secret little crystal world. A luxurious pale gray saturates the crystallized geode center and the first bands encircling it. Beyond the pale gray, it expands to bands of deeper gray before reaching the outer rock shell of the geode. The dark brown colors of the outer rock harmonize really well with its yellow gold bezel.

Expertly handcrafted in 14K yellow gold in a symbiotic relationship with the geode. Keeping the stone’s natural, organic feel by painstakingly following its outer rim. Proving once again, sometimes less is more. Completed with a minimal gold bail to hang the pendant.

Geodes & Their Lore

Geodes look like a round rock until you break them open. Revealing a hollow crystalline center. This interior is separated from the rock shell by a film of clay. Usually they contain amethyst, quartz, citrine or calcite.

  • Some people believe Geodes assist them with astral travel.
  • In addition, some believe it aids in the pursuits of mathematics.




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Yellow Gold 14K