Crystal Opal Jellyfish Pendant



A Crystal Opal Jellyfish pendant designed and created by Chris Copeland. Lively colors of the ocean flash from within the opal. Using the utmost in quality gems, design and craftsmanship creates this unique pendant. Destined to become your favorite wearable art!

A one-of-a-kind opal inspires a one-of-a-kind jewelry design. The artist’s inspiration? A 10.80 carat crystal opal makes up the jellyfish’s body. Pops of oceanic blue and green float within the crystal-like gem. Our beautiful jellyfish opal is from a stash we bought 30 years ago out of Mexico. Unfortunately, our special collection is dwindling. So, if you love opals as much as we do, don’t miss out!

Masterfully crafted of 14K yellow gold. Skillfully framed in a gold bezel with prongs both protecting and securing the large opal. Dangling in an organic fashion, the gold tendrils feel as if they’re floating in water. Lastly, reminding us of little iridescent bubbles, five glimmering opals peek-out from its tendrils.

The jellyfish measures approximately 37mm long and 25mm wide.

About Crystal Opal

Normally commanding higher prices than other opal varieties, crystal opals are valued for their transparency. Because the clear transparency allows for a magical play-of-color effect. Small amounts of crystal opal are found in many places. However, most come from Australia, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

Opal Lore & Info

Since ancient times, opal has been associated with love and passion. In addition, crystal opal is considered a gazing stone, like a crystal ball and is associated with intuition and mysticism.

Gemological Institute of America’s Opal Quality Factors GIA.

Opal is October’s birthstone.

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October-Opal or Tourmaline


Chris Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K




One-of-a-kind, Organic, Statement