Crazy Lace Agate Pendant



A Crazy Lace Agate pendant that is turning heads. Bohemian style and Austin go hand in hand. A perfect example, this design from Austin native Chris Copeland. Here, he incorporates natural colors and organic stylings that go with most everything. No two agates are alike. Therefore, you are guaranteed a unique creation.

This featured round Crazy Lace Agate visually engages you with a stormy Martian landscape. Bands of red, pink and gold intermix with grays creating a tumultuous sky. While black and brown colors make up the ground below.

Expanding on the organic feel of the design, the craftsman adds a rough texture to the sterling silver. Then, completes the finished look with a few high polished accents.

Crazy Lace Agate

Cray Lace Agate mostly occurs in shades of brown, gray, black and gold. However, they occasionally display pinks and reds like this one. Found almost exclusively in one place on earth, Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico. A relatively young mineral, they likely formed during the cretaceous period, 65-90 million years ago. Because of their uplifting energy, some call them Happy Stone.


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Browns, Oranges, Reds


Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver