Coin Guitar Pick Necklaces, Handmade



Handmade Coin Guitar Pick & Coin Necklaces

Show off your Austin-style with these handmade Coin Guitar Pick necklaces crafted from foreign coins. Acting as actual guitar picks and golf ball markers as well as great jewelry. Well known musicians have been using coin picks for many years. Such as world famous Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top and Brian May from Queen.

Artist Chris Copeland, pictured here, is wearing his custom handmade coin guitar pick necklaces. Chris, a jeweler by day and professional musician/drummer by night performing with award-winning Austin bands.

Chris painstakingly cuts and fashions each coin with hand saws and drills. Since, each piece is handcrafted and custom made, no two are alike. Many of these creations cut a single coin into numerous pieces to form geometric designs. And, some come with stones as well.

Chris’ Crafted Coin Collection, includes Single useable Coin Guitar Picks, Coin Guitar Pick Pendants and Coin Guitar Pick Bracelets.

Gifts, Souvenirs & Mementos

Want a memorable, unique keepsake from a favorite trip abroad? Then, “upcycle” your foreign coins leftover from your travel destinations into guitar picks or even jewelry.

Handmade gifts like these, from Austin musicians, also make great souvenirs of the “Live Music Capital of the World”.  When made into guitar picks these make awesome Austin-style golf ball markers.

Show your support for what put Austin on the map, our vibrant music scene. One of the biggest industries in our city.

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