Cobalt Mens Wedding Band


A Cobalt Mens wedding band measures 7.5mm. A perfect balance of modern metal and classic design.

Cobalt is currently trending as one of the alternative industrial metals for mens wedding bands that is highly scratch-resistant and strong. Most importantly, it would be the most likely to be mistaken for white gold. It has the shiny, white reflective gleam of rhodium-plated white gold. Plus, it never fades or tarnishes.

This classic design has a minimalist feel with its clean pipe cut style. A beautiful satin finish adds a bit of soft refinement.

Unfortunately, one drawback is that jewelers are unable to size cobalt rings.

These bands are hard to keep in stock. But, call us for the daily market pricing and we’ll get you the best possible price. Always handcrafted in America, we can normally have your ring for you in 10 working days or less.



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