Clay’s Morenci Turquoise Pendant


A special collectable piece of turquoise from the Morenci mine with its famous iron pyrite matrix. Finely crafted into a genuine 14K yellow gold pendant by Clay Copeland.


Clay’s Morenci Turquoise Pendant, a special custom piece and a favorite among our customers.  Especially because this collectible piece of turquoise is from the Morenci mine. Zoom into the photo and notice the stone’s metallic matrix, a characteristic of fine Morenci turquoise.

Plus, the color turquoise looks good on everyone making this pendant a great gift.

In typical Clay Copeland fashion, this sleek, contemporary design enhances the qualities of an exceptional stone.

(Chain not included)

The Morenci Mine

Deep blue color with a heavy iron pyrite matrix makes a collectible piece of turquoise from the Morenci Mine. Iron pyrite contributes to the metallic quality displayed in Morenci turquoise. Another contributing factor to its collectability is because the mine is no longer active. However, small amounts that were mined previously do still come to the market each year.

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December-turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite




Clay Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K