Carved Moonstone & Jade Silver Pendant



A Carved Moonstone & Jade Silver pendant designed and created right here in Austin, Texas. We’ve always been so sad to see so much beautiful antique silverware get melted down. But now, artisan Chris Copeland ingeniously upcycles antique silverware into fabulous wearable art.

He deconstructs antique silverware into multiple pieces. Then with great precision he painstakingly reconstructs the pieces. With a few added gems and some extra metal smithing he brings forgotten artists work back to life. A tribute to craftsmanship.

We particularly like this pendant’s addition of the moonstone carved like a leaf. Plus, a handmade bezel of sterling silver resembling a twisted vine surrounds the moonstone leaf. Its crowning touch is the gorgeous piece of jade delicately set onto the moonstone. Just beautiful!

The dark green “eye” in the center of the pendant is jade as well as the two small round light green stones. Not only is this color combination of moonstone and jade beautiful with the silver, the combo is reminiscent of antique jewelry.    

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June-Pearl or Moonstone


Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver


Jade, Moonstone