Caramel Diamond Ring


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A fabulous Caramel Diamond ring with an elevated character. Because after all, who doesn’t love caramel? Especially, when its salted caramel, salted with diamonds that is. A great choice for a right hand ring. Or, if you’ve been searching for a uniquely stunning variation on the classic wedding ring, this could be perfect for you. Plus, its price is easier on the pocketbook than the usual white diamond.

This large modern and elegant gem is a 3.65 ct. caramel diamond in a luscious, mesmerizing color tone. In addition, this cushion cut diamond is perfectly faceted just like a typical white diamond.

Next, a wonderful classic 14K yellow gold mounting that never goes out of style. Expertly crafted and set with almost 1/3 ct. (.30ct.) of white diamonds on the band and encircling the center stone.

About Brown Diamonds

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in their article Bravo for Brown Diamonds explains the grading system for these popular gems. In a nutshell, the grading chart goes from D-Z for Faint brown to Light brown diamonds and anything beyond that is considered Fancy Brown. Happily, this stone would go into the Fancy Brown category.

So, whether it’s a Champagne, Cognac, Chocolate or Caramel diamond, these brown beauties have arrived and are making their mark on the world of jewelry.


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