Brushed Titanium Mens Wedding Band


A Brushed Titanium mens wedding band. Stronger and more scratch resistant than gold this titanium band will stand the test of time. And, it’s a good thing because in this super classic look and feel it will never go out of style. A ring you’ll feel good about wearing everyday.

Titanium is super lightweight, hypoallergenic and easy to wear. Plus, it’s also easy to maintain and it never tarnishes.

Titanium jewelry is easier to cut than aircraft grade titanium, but it’s still harder to cut than gold. So, it can be engraved but it won’t cut deeply. So, the engraving may be faint. In addition, the new “jewelry grade” titanium is easier to cut off your finger in an emergency than the aircraft grade. But not as easy as gold.

Unfortunately, one drawback is that jewelers are unable to size titanium rings.

These bands are hard to keep in stock. But, call us for the daily market pricing and we’ll get you the best possible price. Always handcrafted in America, we can normally have your ring for you in 10 working days or less.

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