Blue Moonstone & Diamond Ring


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A Blue Moonstone & Diamond ring will have you radiating impeccable taste. You can just imagine a woman in her Renaissance clothing donning this ring for the perfect finishing touch.

A stunning blue moonstone weighing almost 7 carats (6.91 ct.). A moonstone of the finest quality exhibiting a crystalline quality. And of course, that lovely ethereal glow moonstone is famous for. In addition, this glows looks even prettier with its glimmering blue color that moves around the stone.

Masterfully set in 18K white gold in a design that is obviously inspired by the art of the Renaissance. For example, the high-domed moonstone is encircled by clasping prongs. However, the design adds a more modern shank to the ring, uplifting it for today’s style. The shank is set with 0.29 carats of small fine diamonds

The mysterious, other-worldly glow is called adularescence and it makes moonstones unique. Only a very few other gemstones produce this phenomenon. Its ethereal glow comes from light scattering between its microscopic layers of feldspar.