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A Big Beautiful Tanzanite ring that will make you say, “OMG”! In an exceptional shade of blue that draws you in. As the gem for the 24th wedding anniversary and one of the December birthstones, this tanzanite ring is the perfect way to celebrate. Great for a night on the town and a ring that won’t be forgotten.

There’s nothing like the colors of Mother Nature, nothing like the glowing color that emanates from a fine gemstone like this large 5.43-carat tanzanite. Alluring shades of colors dance amongst each other with sparkling blues and violets creating a shade that is not completely blue but not purple either. Its color is what made tanzanite an almost overnight sensation. Known only within 5 square miles on the planet. They are much rarer than diamonds and were only recently found in 1967.  The total tanzanite weight is 5.43 carats.

Sublimely crafted in 14K white gold in a design that never goes out of style. In addition, notice the attention to detail that takes this ring to the next level. For example, the Euro shank is squared on the outside and rounded for your finger on the inside. Plus, that beautiful scrolled under gallery work beneath the tanzanite.

Bringing some sparkling highlights, small high-quality diamonds surround the oval tanzanite as well as following halfway down the split band.  The total diamond weight is almost 1/2 carat (0.45 ct.).

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December-turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite


Purples, Violets


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White Gold 14K