Baseball Players Black Diamonds, 32 Inch Length


Baseball players black diamonds in a long 32-inch long necklace. This length is suitable for men or women, worn long or possibly wrapped more than once. In addition, a 32″ can be wrapped around the wrist for a bracelet.

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Have you noticed the black diamond necklace that baseball players are wearing? During the games, you can’t miss the little flashing sparks of light that glimmer and glow around the neck of some of the baseball players! And Lance McCullers Jr. really put them on the map when a championship game was halted to look for his diamonds on the pitcher’s mound.

Look Before You Buy, Not All Black Diamonds Are Created Equal

Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Texas, has been handling these faceted black diamonds for years. These have the fire of Lance McCullers Jr.’s! We always sell out of these extraordinary black diamonds when people see them. Black diamond strands are your effortless, go-with-everything, “go-to” look. With this 32″ strand you can also wrap more than once around the neck or wear it long.

Equally sophisticated worn by men and women. Diamonds can be a man’s best friend too! Strong properties closely associated with diamonds are action, passion, and energy.  Symbolic meanings of the color black are authority and power.

32″single strand of small 2mm beads with a 14K white gold clasp. Call us about other lengths and diamond sizes available. Men typically wear at least a 20″ and women a 16″-18″ length.

All black diamond necklaces are made to order and may take 3-4 weeks to ship.

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14K white gold clasp


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