Athena Greek Coin Antique Bracelet


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An Athena Greek Coin bracelet in 18K yellow gold with emeralds and diamonds. From our Estate & Vintage collection, this is a real find! It’s one I’d like to have myself. Rarely do you see these ancient coins in such a fabulous piece of jewelry. It’s the whole package, a collectible coin, a beautiful design, and wonderful craftsmanship.

Talk about a piece of history! This gold coin is still in excellent condition, especially considering it’s likely from around 200 – 300 BC, that’s over 2,000 years old.  Mythology tells us that Athena was Zeus’ daughter and highly revered. Consequently, her likeness appeared on coins from all over the area.

The coin measures about 12mm, roughly the size of a dime. On one side of the coin is a wonderful rendition of Athena. And on the other, symbols of lightning, a bow, and a club. Obviously, a masterful engraver is responsible for the high quality of this coin’s image.

This impressive yet dainty bracelet tapers from 5/8 inch at the center with the coin down to 1/8 inch at the clasp. Three long flat links make up each side of the bracelet and attach to the plate with the coin. Intricately decorated with tiny, elegantly twisted gold wire and beading.

The bracelet is set with 26 round and marquise cut green emeralds along the length of the entire bracelet. The coin sits in a perfect protective 18K yellow gold bezel. One indication of the bracelet’s age is the small mine cut diamonds set on each side of the coin. Mine cut diamonds were last used around the late 1800s to early 1900s. So, this bracelet likely dates to the 1800s.

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