Art Deco Inspired Octagonal Engagement Ring


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An Art Deco Inspired octagonal engagement ring with a unique invisible set design.

Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother’s incredible sapphire engagement ring. But, have you seen the engagement ring worn by her sister Pippa?

Well, here you see something similar to Pippa’s bauble. But without the price tag of almost $300,000. Both our ring and Pippa’s ring are highly influenced by Art Deco styling and exceptionally crafted of luxurious 18K white gold. Plus, both rings incorporate a diamond halo; updating the style for a more current feel.

Another nod to the art deco style, the focal point to Pippa’s ring is an Asscher cut diamond. It’s similar to an emerald cut but with larger, wide-set steps and almost octagonal in shape. Most importantly, it has to be cut from very clean rough. Hence, the high price tag of Pippa’s ring.

So, in our ring, smaller diamonds are strategically designed and expertly set in a pattern to look like one large Asscher cut diamond. With a little ingenuity and high-quality baguettes, this design puts together a spectacular effect. As a result, it’s a fraction of the price.

Our ring incorporates a total diamond weight of almost 1 and 1/3 carats (1.31 ct.).