Ammonite & Garnet Pendant


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An exceptional Ammonite & Garnet pendant in sterling silver. Beautiful on a sterling silver chain or a leather cord.

This ammonite fossil has been cut in half and given a high polish. It has very well defined chambers with deep crystal formations in yummy organic hues of amber and russet-tinged browns and golds.

Designed and crafted by local Austin artisan Chris Copeland. First, Chris conceived a design to show off a really nice specimen of ammonite. Next, he chose 3 garnets to make the colors of the ammonite pop. Lastly, the design skillfully comes to life in sterling silver and the setting of the faceted garnets.

Ammonites were cephalapods and have been extinct for millions of years. Related to the octopus and nautilus, they looked much like a squid with a spiral shell. Today we find them fossilized. Over time minerals filled their shells and some of these fossils grew cystallized, opalized, iridescent or even pyritized. Pyritized is when the original structure is replaced by pyrite, commonly known as “fool’s gold”.

Everything you want to know about ammonites.


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Browns, Reds


Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver