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Here’s where you find the big bargains at Copeland Jewelers, Austin, TX. Our 50% off case contains pieces you’ve been admiring at full price for a long time. Other items are specially priced as well. So here’s your chance to get what you really want at a deep discount.

We have just added a whole new grouping of pieces to our 50% off case of select items. Including rings & diamond bands, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All items are in 100% precious metals. We have included many diamond pieces and many of your favorite colored gemstones. There’s even a solid gold watch at 1/2 off. Check back often with us because we’re always adding new items to this case.

Our featured Sale items online are only a small grouping of what we have in the Sale case. So come by Copeland Jewelers in Austin, TX to see our full case of 50% markdowns. Don’t miss out! When they’re sold, they’re gone!