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Earrings Everyday and Beyond

Earrings can be a very personal item to many of us. The ones we wear everyday as well as the ones reserved for special occasions.

Everyday earrings speak a lot about our personality, style and lifestyle. Fancier earrings are an expression of our more flamboyant selves and make us feel special for that special occasion. In addition, they help make you feel a familial bond and connection. Like, when wearing Sapphire ear studs with your wedding dress just like your grandmother did.


Hoops are some of the most popular earrings. They can be wide or narrow, flat or tube-like. However, they always make a continual form, usually a circle or an oval. Most hoops are hollow tubing to make them lighter, more comfortable and more affordable.

Earrings Diamond Flower Stud Sethi Couture

Rose cut diamond flower ear studs


For another favorite earring, try studs. Because they give the illusion of your earring floating on your earlobe. Diamond studs are of course a classic. Or, go for a beautiful colored gemstone. Maybe a birthstone, your favorite color or a stone that speaks to you. For instance, if you’re desiring to bring love into your life go for Morganite. And, it’s believed to assist you in maintaining that love as it grows. Feeling like you need a little boost of self confidence or inspiration? Tourmaline is believed to help in both areas.