Most Earth Friendly Gem -The Pearl

Earth friendly Pearl Bracelet

What’s the Most Earth Friendly Gem?

Mermaids recognize the most earth friendly gem – it’s the beautiful, luxurious pearl. Pearling and pearl farms create thriving ecosystems and synergistic ecology. It offers protection from rapid development and employs economic activities that emphasize conservation. These earth friendly gems offer one of the few economic activities to emphasize ecological conservation. Remote island communities create beautiful organic gems through pearling in a manner that respects and sustains the environment and their livelihood. Therefore, this naturally develops environmental awareness and pride with locals.

Earth Friendly Pearls and Mermaids

With the emergence of cultured pearls came pearl farms. Where women pearl divers continued free diving as they have done since ancient times. These women divers became very popular with tourists. Thus, contributing to the sustainable luxury of earth friendly pearls. It is believed that female pearl divers may have been where stories of mermaids came from.

Pearl Farms Create Thriving Ecosystems

Pearl farmers help create thriving ecosystems. Producing high-quality pearls demands long-term vision, sound environmental stewardship and responsible farming practices. In turn, this supports healthy diverse-rich waters. Populations of fish and marine life are coming back to areas where pearl farms move in. Even stimulating populations of endangered species.

Pearl farming increases oyster numbers over 26,000%! During the great “Pearl Age” of the 15th and 16th centuries, stunning Mexican pearls reigned supreme throughout the world via the Spanish. Brought to the brink of extinction, pearl farming is making a dramatic recovery of the exhausted pearl beds. In 15 years we see an astounding 26,000% increase in numbers of juvenile oysters. As well as an increase in the number and variety of wild marine life in the area.

Pearl Farms offer protection — in Ras-al-Khaimah their pearl farm acts as a protecting area for this sensitive mangrove ecosystem that is under pressure from rapid industrial development.

Synergistic ecology — Polynesian pearl farms incorporate reef cleaning stations in the ocean around their oysters. Here marine life gets protection and food while nibbling on the flora and fauna of the oysters. Thus, creating healthier and more diverse-rich waters for our planet.