“Every piece in my collection should be viewed as an individual jewel, unique in its beauty.” – Christophe Danhier


Chic, romantic, fierce and bold, Christophe Danhier’s exclusive designs cater to the modern woman. Scrupulous craftsmanship paired with a unique vision, Danhier’s pieces are the ultimate in personal expression. Reflected in his innovative collections, Danhier designs with the perfect balance of sensibility and taste; wearability and comfort; exclusivity and elegance.

Born and raised in France, Danhier discovered a passion for gemstones. Early in his career, he made his way to Los Angeles and never looked back, earning his Gemologist degree from GIA.

He creates each of his collections with a specific vision and parameters:

  • Only the finest gemstones, and created with meticulous craftsmanship
  • The perfect balance of sensibility and taste
  • Unique inspiration reflected in each and every piece

When he’s not climbing volcanoes in remote areas of the world, he resides in New York City with his wife and dog Candide. An avid motorcyclist, he plans to take his year-round cruising down to South America for a ride in the Andes.



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