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Jewelry Gifts for Her This Christmas

Nelleen McCormick in jewelry from Copeland Jewelers

Jewelry is a beautiful way to tell the woman in your life you think they’re special. But finding jewelry gifts for her during the holidays can sometimes be difficult. Here at Copeland Jewelers, we want to help you find the perfect pieces of jewelry with a few tried and true recommendations that are sure to please this season.

We’ve curated some great jewelry gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or best friend.

Ladies Rolex diamond bezel

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage, antique, or estate jewelry is an outstanding choice for the woman who loves unique gifts. And, vintage jewelry comes in a wide range of prices.

Stories can be conjured that set the mind wandering about the history of the piece. In some cases, a piece of vintage jewelry has a well-known past or provenance. Either way, vintage & antique jewelry can be a conversation piece.

Whether she’s into Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mid-century or vintage watches, we’ve got it in our specially curated collection.

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Pear shape garnet necklace

Necklace Jewelry Gifts

Necklaces and pendants make great gifts as there’s not much sizing involved. Plus, they can be more affordable than earrings since you only have to buy one pendant but you need two earrings. Even a nice chain makes a great jewelry gift for her.

We have a vast array of necklaces including diamond pendants, toggle necklaces, delicate layered necklaces, Y necklaces, black diamond strands, and genuine gemstone beads from affordable blue lapis to amethyst and moonstone to fine yellow diamonds.

In addition, we’ll help you to pick out her gift from our selection of gold, platinum, silver or even pearl necklaces. Gold and platinum being the pricier options, silver being more affordable.

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Earrings are a jewelry accessory that almost every woman wears. They’re very much a sign of her personality and that should be kept in mind when looking for the right earring jewelry gift.

From classic diamond or gemstone studs to chic gold hoops (with or without diamonds) to statement earrings like shoulder dusters; her earrings set the tone for her outfit, the occasion, and the event. Make sure she’s got all the bases covered for every event by gifting her a new addition to her earring collection.

You can even call us at Copeland Jewelers for custom earring jackets that dress up her simple studs into special occasion earrings.

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diamond sapphire flower band

Band Rings

Band rings have become essential fashion accessories and Copeland’s does band rings in a big way. From wedding bands, anniversary bands, eternity bands and bands that make a statement, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll find Custom bands and designer bands. And, antique and vintage bands. We have first-class gemstone choices in almost every color. And, all our rings and bands are crafted in genuine fine metals. Most importantly, at Copeland Jewelers, you’ll find unique and special, as well as many one-of-a-kind bands.

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Facet multi band diamond ring


Almost everyone wears at least one ring. And, you’re sure to find that special or unique ring that perfectly suits her at Copeland’s. From small, delicate rings to cocktail rings that make a statement. Cocktail rings are one of the hottest jewelry trends right now. The best examples are known to be large, fun, and show some swag and personality. Sometimes they feature an oversized gem or they’ll have an over-the-top chic band.

From wedding rings to cocktail rings, we’ve got an incredible selection for her. With over 35 years of expertise, Copeland’s helps you pick just the right ring for her.

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Baroque pearls


According to Glamour, pearls are trending big right now. Besides famous round pearls, new trends are high on using unusual and natural pearl shapes. In addition, a variety of colors are now popular.

Interesting metalwork, toggles, and singular pearls are popular as well as combining them with other gemstones to make them pop. Celebrities like Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and Ashley Graham have been totally rocking this pearl jewelry revival.

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December's birthstone tanzanite
An Extra Fine Tanzanite Trillion Pendant from our Custom Collection

Custom Birthstone Jewelry

For a personalized jewelry gift for her, you can’t go wrong with a custom birthstone piece. From simple to elaborate, we’ve got the expertise to turn out a gift for her she’ll treasure for years to come.

Simply tell us what month she was born and we’ll help design an outstanding and personal gift. She’ll feel special that you went out of your way to plan a personalized gift just for her.

For example, a single birthstone as a pendant. Or, both your birthstones alternating down a vertical pendant in small graduated sizes. Children’s birthstones can be added as well – there are simply no limits!

An available pendant from our Custom Collection. With collectible-quality Turquoise, December’s birthstone.

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If you’re considering a custom piece of jewelry, call us, email us or come in today. There’s no charge for a consultation to design a custom, personalized piece of jewelry.

Maybe you have an idea of what you’re wanting. If so, pictures of what you like can really help speed up the design process. If not, coming in to see our large inventory will really help spark ideas. You’ll be able to pick out the metal you like, a style or design you like and the gems, if any, that you want.

Custom-made gifts are memorable gifts that she’ll adore for a lifetime. Make sure she knows how special she is to you this holiday season with a custom-made gift!