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Impressive Jewelry Gifts for Christmas 2023

Impressive Jewelry Gifts for 2022
Updated December 2023

Our impressive jewelry gifts make your Christmas 2023 special! Just like we’ve been helping Austinites do for almost 40 years.

For an impressive holiday, shop local and get the service you deserve. Skip the forecasted high shipping costs, longer delivery times and porch pirates. Place your order and we’ll gift wrap and deliver curbside for you.

Plus, whether you shop early or wait until Christmas Eve, we’ll be here at Copeland Jewelers to make your gift-giving easier! So, check out these impressive jewelry gift ideas for the people you want to do something extra nice for this year.

True Vintage

From our Estate, Vintage & Antique Collection. At Copeland Jewelers you can feel confident in purchasing your vintage and antique jewelry from a reputable jeweler who knows their stuff. Part of the fabric of Austin, we’ve been rockin’ it here for almost 4 decades.

This Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring is the perfect gift in so many ways.

Weighing almost 4 carats (3.86), this is a very high-quality oval sapphire in an exceptional, mesmerizing shade of deeply saturated blue.

Masterfully crafted of 18K white gold. Meticulous beadwork and diamonds artistically highlight the sapphire. In addition, the architectural design of the under gallery is set with small diamonds, beautifully resembling a crown. Total diamond weight is just over 2/3 of a carat (.68 ct.) of high-quality diamonds.

Princess Diana’s famous oval sapphire engagement ring on Kate Middleton’s finger from Prince William is the most iconic wedding ring style in modern history. Obviously, this makes the perfect wedding engagement ring!

Philip Zahm’s stunning Ceylon Sapphire ring is a big YES!

One of our favorite designers because of his use of exceptional colored gems. This 2.26ct. cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire is the perfect example of phenomenal color and cut!  A design master, Philip artfully displays this special gemstone in white gold with diamonds and yellow gold prongs.

Sapphire is September’s birthstone and the gem for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. For centuries sapphires have symbolized fidelity and the soul and have been associated with romance and royalty.

Masterfully designed and crafted in 18K white gold.

An Impressive Diamond Classic

Here’s a classic, must-have for the jewelry box of any diamond jewelry lover, the quintessential Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

In addition to being a classic style, this bracelet has large-sized individual diamonds. Weighing in with a total diamond weight of 4.0 carats!  Once on, they may never want to take it off.

It’s versatile enough to go with everything, highlighting all colors and styles. You can’t go wrong giving a loved one this long admired gift! Finely crafted in 14K white gold.

He Gave Me Emeralds!

Revered for 6,000 years, emeralds are one of the most legendary gemstones in history.

Due to its vibrant deep green hue, Emerald has been the standard for green-colored stones for millennia. Known to be a favorite of Cleopatra’s. It’s also May’s birthstone and the gem for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Celebrate with emeralds! Three stunning stacked emeralds will make her sooooo happy!  You can’t go wrong with this festive Christmas green under the tree. For the lover of fine emeralds!

Displaying their highly-prized, vivid, bluish-green color, these three gems grab your attention. The total emerald carat weight is over 1 and 1/3 carats (1.38 cts.) Per the Gemological Institute of America, “The intensity of the green in the finest emeralds might not be equaled by anything else in nature.”

The alluring nature of this necklace in 18K white gold also comes from its vertical design lines. Firstly, 3 square emeralds stack up vertically. Lastly, contrasting high-quality, bright white diamonds highlight each emerald. And, with the two teardrop diamonds in the chain, the total diamond weight is almost 2/3 ct. (.61 ct.)

Make her feel like an Empress in this Emerald Cabochon & Diamond Ring. A very special ring for those special occasions in your life. This completely exquisite ring speaks with a sensuous, exotic elegance.

An exceptional cabochon (smooth dome top) emerald weighing almost 5 carats (4.76). Radiating a beautiful deep crystalline emerald green color. Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold with an intricate under gallery. Rose-cut diamonds help lend the ring its exotic glamour. The total diamond weight is 1.29 carats.

An exceptional Emerald & Diamond ring that absolutely sings! This is the ring for your favorite Emerald connoisseur. This one is a real standout in the world of emeralds.

Weighing in at 1-1/3 ct, this emerald cut emerald is absolutely gorgeous. Its sensational color stands out beautifully with white gold and diamonds. It exhibits the most desirable range of color, from bluish green to pure green with vivid, even color saturation.

The design includes almost a carat (.92 ct.) of high-quality diamonds, including substantial emerald cuts on each side of the bright green emerald. These brilliant white diamonds really make this luscious emerald pop.

Tanzanite Dreams

Now this exotic Tanzanite ring is impressive! Yes, the color is that beautiful! We fell in love with this gem when we saw it. So, it’s gone into one of our favorite settings.

A large dreamy 2.33ct. rectangular cushion cut tanzanite showing all the characteristics of the finest tanzanites. In that rare velvety blue hue with sparkles of violet as you move. Fine craftsmanship completes the ring in 18K white gold with almost 1-2/3ct. (1.62ct.) diamonds.

French Design

An alluring and hypnotic offering from French designer, Christophe Danhier. From his Candide Eye Collection in 18K rose gold. A design with a touch of sophisticated romance in mind. Surely, a gift she’ll always remember.

From each ear dangles over 4-3/4 carats of fine unusual pink moonstones that draw you in with their compelling glow. Moonstone’s ethereal luminosity floats beneath the surface of these mysterious gems. Imagine moon-glow through a thin cloud cover. The total moonstone weight for both earrings is over 9-1/2 carats (9.55 ct.).

Pink sapphires bring the luscious shades of pink out of the ethers of the moonstones. Furthermore, combining these gems in 18K rose gold creates a soft, velvety blend. Lastly, high-quality diamonds in graduated sizes accent the corners of the “eyes”.

Christmas – Italian Style

Ho! Ho! Ho! 18K gold & diamonds from Piero Milano. Established in 1953, in the heart of Italy’s historical goldsmith and diamond district. Still creating fabulous jewelry, today’s designs from Piero Milano are the epitome of classic contemporary Italian style.

Technology meets impeccable Italian design in this runway-worthy bolo tie of 18K yellow gold with a titanium core.

Woven 18K yellow gold forms a flexible gold cable/rope with a stunning textural finish. A technique exclusive to the Piero Milano line. Using a heavy “rope” gives it a substantial look and feel mimicking an actual bolo tie. Then, a twist of diamonds ingeniously wraps around the two gold ropes. And, following the idea of a bolo tie, diamond tips finish out the end of each rope.

Lastly, an open link closure at the back allows you to adjust the length of the necklace. As well as removing the necklace more easily.

Piero Milano’s exclusive gold wrapping technique creates a head-turning bracelet. Here’s where technology meets fine jewelry.

Lucious 18K yellow gold luxuriously encircles your wrist. In addition, a titanium core hides below, adding strength as well as the flexibility to easily take your bracelet on and off.

Buzzing with exceptional Italian style, a hint of color and diamonds brings the yellow gold alive. Its outstanding pop of color comes from pristine and vibrant Persian turquoise.

You can’t go wrong with this 18K gold and diamond collar from Piero Milano. Delicately spaced small diamonds in small wheel-like settings look like twinkling little stars.

The classic Italian design makes this necklace so versatile. For example, you’ll find you can wear this beneath a button-down collar shirt and jeans. Exceptional with your favorite vintage look. Or, go bare-shouldered with your hair up, wearing the most elegant ball gown or wedding dress.

At each side of the collar bone, three 18K yellow gold ropes join at diamond-set gold bars. Think – sophisticated Princess. Lastly, two gold ropes finish the circle out with a nice gold clasp with a security latch.