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Impressive Jewelry Gifts for Christmas 2020

Our impressive jewelry gifts designed to make your Christmas 2020 special!

OMG!, what a year 2020! Most of us have been doing our part, trying to stay in as much as possible. Very few of us have gotten to travel, go out to any events, or even go out to dinner. And now, the holiday season is upon us. BOO!

So, if you’re really wanting to do something extra nice this year, here are some over-the-top jewelry gift ideas to easily make the people you love feel special. We’ve been helping make the holidays easier for Austinites for over 35 years.

Even during these remarkable times, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to call us with any special requests or questions.

Blue Sapphires & Diamonds

Beverly K Deco Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Nothing says elegance like these Art Deco style Diamond & Sapphire Earrings from Beverley K. Stunning all by themselves or paired with a sapphire or diamond necklace. These heirloom-quality earrings are an impressive example of Art Deco. Certainly one of the most iconic design styles of all time.

Artful and precise cut-out work in 14K white gold combine with masterful stone setting exemplifying the fine craftsmanship. You know the moment you see these earrings that they’re very high-quality jewelry. Over one carat (1.10) of vivid and exceptional blue sapphires border the bottom of each earring. And, almost 1-1/2 carats (1.40) of fine diamonds.

Getting married? Wouldn’t these be perfect with your wedding gown? Especially since they fit both the “something new” AND the “something blue” categories. $7195

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

This Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring is the perfect gift in so many ways.

Weighing almost 4 carats (3.86), this is a very high-quality oval sapphire in an exceptional, mesmerizing shade of deeply saturated blue.

Masterfully crafted of 18K white gold. Meticulous beadwork and diamonds artistically highlight the sapphire. In addition, the architectural design of the under gallery is set with small diamonds, beautifully resembling a crown. Total diamond weight is just over 2/3 of a carat (.68 ct.) of high-quality diamonds.

Due to the famous oval sapphire engagement ring on Kate Middleton’s finger from Prince William, this is possibly the most iconic wedding ring style in modern history. Obviously, this makes the perfect wedding engagement ring! $26,875

Weisman Memo Sapphire ring

Sapphire Fit For Royalty

Truly a Blue Sapphire Ring for the ages! This ring exudes heirloom-quality sophistication. Something that never goes out of style.

You’ve got to believe this would make a most impressive engagement ring! Rivaling the size of the famous Lady Di sapphire (12 carats) now worn by Kate Middleton from Prince William. Make her your Queen with your proposal and this ring.

Features a spectacular 11.18 carat sapphire with the cornflower blue we strive for in the jewelry world. Furthermore, its cushion cut shows off the stone to its fullest with remarkable facet work that makes this sapphire sing. High-quality diamonds encircle and highlight the sapphire with a total diamond weight well over a full carat (1.10ct.)

Masterfully designed and crafted in 18K white gold with a chic European (squared) band. $64,000

Impressive Diamond Classics

Diamond Prong Tennis Bracelet

Here’s a classic, must-have for the jewelry box of any diamond jewelry lover, the quintessential Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

In addition to being a classic style, this bracelet has large sized individual diamonds. Weighing in with a total diamond weight of 4.0 carats!  Once on, they may never want to take it off.

It’s versatile enough to go with everything, highlighting all colors and styles. You can’t go wrong giving a loved one this long admired gift! Finely crafted in 14K white gold. $11,500

Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic 2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings make an excellent, versatile Christmas gift! It’s what every diamond jewelry lover longs for. One carat of sparkle for each ear!

Certainly, diamond’s versatility is unmatched because they look good with every skin tone, every outfit, and color of clothing. So obviously, they are the undisputed workhorse of the jewelry world.

This pair weighs 2.01 cts., SI2 quality, and I color with excellent cut making for a great set of earrings. $12,750

Facet Long Chanel Bianco Diamond Rope Necklace

The height of glamorous elegance in this extra long 36-inch Chanel Bianco Diamond Rope from Facet of Barcelona.

You get a real showstopper with this diamond rope of 7.50 carats! Displayed within each link is a fine diamond of SI quality and H color. In addition, the links move with some flexibility so it’s very comfortable to wear and it’s designed so that it lays flat and doesn’t twist.

Precisely crafted in 14K white gold for beauty as well as strength. So versatile it hangs beautifully with any collar style. You can wear it as a long single rope for that chic, cosmopolitan feel, or try doubling it to really show off the bling. $18,000

Tahitian Pearls to Impress

Tahitian pearls are in a class of their own.  You see these deeply colored pearls on dignitaries, entertainers and CEOs. A must-have for the professional woman! They make a statement of feminine strength, sophistication and professionalism. An impressive classic that perfectly flows from professional wear right into evenings out.

Dark Tahitian Pearls

Classic and refined, Pearls have long been known as The Queen of Gems. And so, Tahitian Pearls have got to be The Queen of Pearls!

Pearls of this caliber have long been admired for their colors, almost mirror-like qualities, dreamy luster, and the luxurious feel of wearing them against the skin.

These Tahitian Black Pearls exhibit beautiful luster in hues of dark silver, black green, peacock, and aubergine with classic Tahitian metallic qualities. A graduated strand with large pearls ranging in size from 10mm – 14mm. Professionally strung with knots and a silver pearl clasp. $4500

Multi-color Tahitian Pearls

Multi-color Tahitian Pearls in natural hues of blue-green, light and peacock green, platinum, silver, and rosé. An impressive classic for professional wear as well as evening attire.

The organic natural colors are warm and distinct. Each large pearl measures 10mm – 11.6mm. Professionally knotted and strung with a sterling silver pearl clasp. $3300

Silver Tahitian Earrings

Shimmering, reflective beauty in these Silver Tahitian Pearl Earrings. These alluring silver pearls are the unsurpassed standard of perfect elegance. They are large lustrous pearls measuring 11.5mm and are extra fine quality.

These earrings fit the bill for the classiest earrings at the party. Sensational on their own with a cocktail dress or formal wear. Sensual and romantic in 18K white gold with over a 1/2 carat in total diamond weight. $5095

A Set of Impressive Emeralds

Make her feel like an Empress in this breathtaking set of deep crystalline green emeralds. Emerald, one of the most iconic gemstones of all time.

We’ve put together this grouping of emerald cabochon (smooth dome top) jewelry fit for royalty. A super incredible gift for the special woman in your life. Comprised of fabulous, iconic emeralds in a cocktail ring and a matching pendant and earrings.

Emerald Cabochon gems

When we saw this matching set of loose emerald cabochon gems, we knew we had to have them. We just can’t resist the temptation when we have a vision.

Clay got wonderful results putting this pair together in our shop. The duo together equates to glorious elegance beyond measure. Worn together or as a set, these are pieces she will lovingly wear time and time again.

The Matching Pendant & Earrings

Shans Emerald Cabochon pendant

The Emerald and Diamond Pendant displays a beautiful emerald cabochon (smooth dome top) weighing well over 5 carats (5.15) in that iconic deep emerald color. Encircled with .20 carats of high-quality diamonds to accent the unique emerald.

18K white gold. Does not include a chain. $3450

Emerald Cabochon Earrings

The Emerald Earrings complement the pendant using those elegant cabochon emeralds.

With a total emerald weight of 2.67 ct. , it is meticulously crafted in 14K white gold, and accented with almost 1/4 carat (.23) of high-quality diamonds. $3575

The Exotic Emerald Ring

Shans Emerald Cabochon Ring

Make her feel like an Empress in this Emerald Cabochon & Diamond Ring. A very special ring for those special occasions in your life. This completely exquisite ring speaks with a sensuous, exotic elegance.

An exceptional cabochon (smooth dome top) emerald weighing almost 5 carats (4.76). Radiating a beautiful deep crystalline emerald green color. Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold with an intricate under gallery. Rose-cut diamonds help lend the ring its exotic glamour. The total diamond weight is 1.29 carats.

Due to its vibrant deep green hue, Emerald has been the standard for green colored stones for millennia. One of the most revered stones of all time. Known to be a favorite of Cleopatra’s. It’s also May’s birthstone and the gem for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. $15,695

For The Love Of Opals
Weisman Opal Diamond Ring

An absolutely spectacular Crystal Opal and Diamond Ring! Share this very special gift from Mother Earth with that very special woman in your life. Remarkable flashes of greens, oranges, and reds emanate from this exciting 6 carat Crystal Opal.

With crystal opal, the base is transparent, translucent, or semi-translucent, enabling light to pass through. As a result, this translucence usually lends the opal greater clarity and makes the colors more vibrant. Crystal opals display a rainbow of colors that never seem to appear in the same place twice. With their vibrant, dancing colors they seem almost otherworldly.

Designed with a simple circle of diamonds outlining this remarkable gem to make the opal the centerpiece of the ring.

Total diamond weight is just under 2/3 carat (.65) and expertly crafted in 14K white gold with a European (squared) band. $8250