ZYMBOL is an inspirational design featuring every single letter of the alphabet. Zymbol was born when its company founder, Sally Short, was doodling and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED,’ drawing each letter in the phrase on top of the next.

She then added a peace sign to completed the design sent it off to be a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant.


The Zymbol design contains every letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9.

But something happened when the Sally’s family received the pendant. They looked at it sideways and noticed that every letter of the alphabet and every number was hidden in Sally’s design!

Now every Zymbol comes with a gift card for the to trace out the Zymbol’s meaning. It may be a message from the giver, or it may a message that the wearer writes for themselves — for life, that year, that month or that day!


Your Zymbol comes with a card to trace out the message of what it represents for you.

Copeland Jewelers is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Zymbol in Austin. From men’s and women’s pendants in sterling silver, gold, wood, some plastic and some made of precious metals and even adorned with diamonds, every Zymbol is unique. Men, women, and children all enjoy ZYMBOLs with their own personal, unique message.


For every Zymbol purchased, a Zymbol is sent to a child in the Hospital through Zymbol’s Buy One Give One program.

If you are looking for gift ideas, Austin has a plethora of shops to choose from and memories to make. Give the gift of ZYMBOL to a loved one or purchase one for yourself.


Zymbol on a leather wrap bracelet is a stylish and personal gift for men or women.

Come into our Austin jewelry store and see what all the buzz is about by taking a look at our collection of Zymbols. We carry wrap bracelets in pewter or silver, leather Zymbol bracelets with a clasp, wooden pendants, gold pendants, and even plastic Zymbols for young children! Come by the shop or CALL US TODAY.