Copeland Jewelers – Your Jewelry Store in Austin Carrying Sloane Street Jewelry!



Copeland Jewelers is proud to carry Sloane Street, an 18k gold line of jewelry created by a fabulous mother-daughter duo. Copeland Jewelers is the only jewelry store in Austin to carry Sloane Street!

Frances Gadbois and her fashion-forward, twenty-something daughter Charlotte  have collaborated to create a chic, classic jewelry line. The relationship of this mother-daughter duo is admirable, and the two had thought about creating a business together for years before the jewelry line came to fruition. Frances and Charlotte collaborated during their time together in England, and in turn, their brainchild, Sloane Street was born.

Frances entered the fashion industry at the fresh age of 16 when she was scouted by the world renowned, London-based modeling agency, “Models 1” and moved to a tiny apartment in London on Sloane Street before moving to New York to continue her extremely successful modeling career. In New York City, Frances met her soon-to-be husband and the couple moved to the West Coast.


While settling into her new life in sunny California, Frances used her eye for detail by starting an interior design company. Thirteen years later, she transitioned from the interior design world to pursue her true passion in the jewelry industry. Frances was co-founder and sole designer of JudeFrances Jewelry for over 12 years. Her chic European heritage, architectural inspiration and design expertise makes her one of the most fascinating and sophisticated designers in the industry creating beautiful and intriguing pieces. Throughout her childhood and even today, Charlotte witnessed her mother sketch and design, instilling a yearning to be a piece of the creative process.

Charlotte brings a fresh, trendy allure to the Sloane Street team while possessing the same integrity of design and passion as her mother. The Gadbois duo consistently travel the world in search of rare, beautiful stones feature in their designs. With the goal in mind to bring the jewelry industry top-of-the-line colored stones, Sloane Street is more than a brand, it’s a chic, classic lifestyle.

Copeland Jewelers is proud to be the exclusive premiere jewelry store in Austin to carry Sloane Street jewelry. If you have searched Austin jewelry stores, Copeland Jewelers is your go-to local jewelry store for the gorgeous work of Frances and Charlotte Gadbois.



To see our inventory of Sloane Street designs, come in to our Austin jewelry store located in the Davenport Ranch neighborhood in Davenport Village or call us at the shop at (512) 330-0303.