We represent designers and jewelers that range from large international design houses to small boutique, family-run businesses. They have in common extremely high standards and generations of knowledge and experience that make them a joy to share with our customers.

For example, one of our favorite family-owned companies is headed by a jeweler who recalls sitting on the floor as a child stringing beautiful pearls onto hanks with his father. He and his brother grew up appreciating the sweetest in colored gemstones and pearls. We have been working with them for over 20 years so that you can benefit from their generations of knowledge.

The representatives with whom we work actually live in or regularly visit the regions of the world from where their jewelry originates.


Currently one of the most awarding winning lines of contemporary jewelry, Bellarri designs are featured in virtually every jewelry industry magazine. Unsurpassed for their use of the most beautiful precision cut gemstones in fantastic colors previously unseen.

Bellarri is an American artist, a woman who designs for every woman’s personality and jewelry palette – from the bold to the demure.

You must try this collection on. Once you do, you’ll realize why people in the know are so excited about this jewelry. Bellarri’s unique designs use unparalleled colored gemstones (we call them “screamers” for their vivid, pure colors) that are perfectly set off by absolute precision stone cutting.

Bellarri remains one of the few design houses in the world in which the figurehead actually designs each and every piece herself.  Her passion and inherent talent shine through in each one, and are the key to the overwhelming success of the line.



“Every piece in my collection should be viewed as an individual jewel, unique in its beauty.”

– Christophe Danhier

Chic, romantic, fierce and bold, Christophe Danhier’s exclusive designs cater to the modern woman. Scrupulous craftsmanship paired with a unique vision, Danhier’s pieces are the ultimate in personal expression. Reflected in his innovative collections, Danhier designs with the perfect balance of sensibility and taste; wearability and comfort; exclusivity and elegance.

Born and raised in France, Danhier discovered a passion for gemstones. Early in his career, he made his way to Los Angeles and never looked back, earning his Gemologist degree from GIA.

He creates each of his collections with a specific vision and parameters:

-Only the finest gemstones, and created with meticulous craftsmanship
-The perfect balance of sensibility and taste
-Unique inspiration reflected in each and every piece

When he’s not climbing volcanoes in remote areas of the world, he resides in New York City with his wife and dog Candide. An avid motorcyclist, he plans to take his year-round cruising down to South America for a ride in the Andes.




Established in 1839 by the grandfather of Luis Masriera (1872 – 1958) in Barcelona Spain, Masriera jewelry represents the height of Art Nouveau and Art Deco design.  Worn by European royalty for more than 150 hundred years, Masriera jewelry has graced Her Majesty, Queen Victoria and displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this jewelry must be experienced in person to be truly appreciated.


Schooled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva, Luis Masriera mastered the art of “plique-à-jour,” French for “letting in daylight” in his late teens.  Based on the Limoges school of the 16th century, the technique involves layering glass-based porcelain or vitrious enamel in cells, similar to cloisonné, but with no backing in the final product, so light can shine through. It is in effect a miniature version of stained-glass and is very challenging technically, requiring up to 4 months per item to complete.

But the famed Centennial Exhibition of 1900 in Paris (the Exposition Universelle), changed Luis Masriera and his art forever.  So inspired was Masriera at the sumptuous display of the suddenly popular Art Nouveau style in painting, sculpture and architecture at the fair, that legend has it he melted down every item in his Barcelona shop and started over.  His new line, launched in 1901, combined precious stones and metals with plique-à-jour with lovely Art Nouveau designs inspired by nature and fantasy, was instantly successful.  Soon it reached beyond the continent and found much popularity abroad, notably in South America.

Commissioned to make a diadem for Queen Victoria in 1905, the creation is strong in symbolism and one of the major achievements of Spanish Art Nouveau.


Despite its long and storied history, Masriera is relatively new to the US, and is carried by just a handful of American jewelers.

Masrieara craftsmen, who undergo 8 years of apprenticeship before they ever work on a piece of actual jewelry, continue making Luis Masriera’s designs today, faithfully recreating each piece to his exacting specifications.

The Masriera collection at Copeland’s is always changing for two reasons:  One, the Masriera line releases only a select set of the original Luis Masriera designs each year, and two, we never replace a piece we’ve sold with another just like it. You won’t see that same work of art on anyone else.  However, ff you want a particular piece that we don’t currently carry, we can inquire with the Masriera artisans.  If it, or one like it, is available we can place a special order which will be made to your specifications in Barcelona in about 6 weeks.

The Masriera value is unsurpassed — the cost of a limited edition, museum-quality piece is comparable to that of a mass-produced Rolex.




For more than 35 years, brothers Eli and Beny Aviram of Spark Creations have brought the finest in luxury jewelry to market for sophisticated women worldwide.

Each season Spark includes in their collection spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces in their timeless, innovative yet classic style.