Chisum Pierce, Photographer Extraordinaire

Chisum Pierce, photographer is based in Austin, Texas. He is a Texas native and millennial photographer, he captures vibrant photos of his subjects. A nomad by nature, he has lived in Boulder, Atlanta, Austin, Lubbock, Chicago, NYC and Paris.

His favorite hashtag is #GETCHISUMED. And, Copeland Jewelers has been Chisumed, along with our model Jane Ellen Bryant, vocalist extraordinaire. With a vibrant, colorful style, his photography has a fresh look that pops and gets your attention. So, when we wanted to update some of Copeland Jewelers photos we knew he would be a good choice. He has proven to be professional, timely and easy to work with.

Chisum Pierce, Photographer W Tourmaline

Chisum’s photo of Jane Ellen Bryant

Chisum’s Work & Portfolio Info

We first came to know of Chisum through his work with one of our favorite bands, Ruby Jane & The Reckless and several other local Austin musicians.  Check out his site, Here you will find his portfolio featuring Austin musicians as well as other celebs like comedian J.B. Smoove and Anthony Anderson from Blackish. Furthermore, you can peruse his product shots and clients, including a number of national liquors like Seagrams, Glenfiddich, Ketel One and Hendricks Gin. In addition, you will find listed Yeti Frozen Custard, New York Times and advertising giant, J Walter Thompson New York. Plus, you see that his published work has appeared in Forbes, Austin Monthly and others.

Ruby Jane & The Reckless in Austin, Tx. Photo by Chisum.

J.B. Smoove by Chisum Pierce, photographer

In this photo, Chisum shows the personality of comedian J.B. Smoove

And, He’s a Real Stand Up Guy

In 2004, U.S. Rep. John R. Carter (TX-31) presented Chisum Pierce with the highest award bestowed on America’s youth, the Gold Medal Congressional Award. The Congressional Award program is a nonpartisan partnership between Congress and the private sector that is implemented on the national level.

In addition, he also donates his time to one of our favorites, the music non-profit Black Fret as well as equine therapy organization The HARTH Foundation.

So, for an easy-going professional photo experience, check out Chisum!