Delicates Collection

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Showing all 3 results

Our Delicates Collection is very popular.

Enjoy the ease and wearability of these pieces as they become your everyday jewelry.

Wear these contemporary necklaces with T-shirts and jeans for a stylish feel in everyday wear.  Pair it with your favorite little black dress and heels makes a fashionable statement.

In addition, the tiny diamonds in these pieces bring a subtle glow to your attire.

Layering With Other Necklaces

While these necklaces look equally special worn on their own. Due to their delicate nature, they’re also great for layering.

Have you seen chains with extensions attached? When layering necklaces this is a must. So, upon request, Copeland Jewelers adds 2-inch lengths to your chain with a second jump ring to attach your clasp. This gives you the ability to easily wear your chain at two different lengths.