Men's Jewelry and Gifts

Showing 1–12 of 34 results

Showing 1–12 of 34 results

Men’s jewelry and gifts can be one of the hardest tasks in the world for shopping. Let us help. We have several choices available.

We Love the New Cuervo Y Sobrinos Watches

The only timepiece of Swiss engineering and a Latin soul. Worn by Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill. They even have a watch called the Churchill.

Cuervo y Sobrinos was the famed boutique of Havana, Cuba during it’s heyday. Well known for their exceptional watches and jewelry as well as their distinguished patrons. Re-established today with their beautiful designs and their same high quality Swiss engineering.

We Also Appreciate the Hamilton Watch Line

A long-established American brand that offers affordable choices in good quality timepieces. With long-standing popular models like the Ventura. First designed for and worn by Elvis Presley.

This watch design slightly changes over the years. Therefore, making it a great collectible watch.

Men's Jewelry Gifts
Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador Tradicion. From their original design of the 1950s. $3850.

Handmade Guitar Pick Jewelry

We have great handmade Guitar Picks upcycled from international coins and crafted by Austin musician Chris Copeland.

These also make great Austin-style Golf Ball Markers. Or, hang them from a leather cord or chain. Consequently, you always have a guitar pick and/or golf ball marker on hand.

Men's jewelry and gifts
Max Frost wearing handmade coin guitar pick/golf ball marker. $39.95 & up.