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The Best Christmas Gift for Baseball Fans

black diamond necklace baseball

Finding it hard to come up with that special baseball gift for the sports fan in your life? Looking for an extraordinary gift idea?

These sophisticated black diamond necklaces that major league baseball players like Lance McCullers Jr. have made famous are the perfect gift for baseball lovers!

black diamond necklace major league baseball players wearOur Black Diamond Necklaces Sparkle

Just like other diamonds, not all black diamonds are created equal. But, you can be assured of the quality of these diamonds. We’ve been handling these beauties for over two decades and have an impeccable non-conflict source for them.

Most importantly, they’ll have that subtle black sparkle like those that pro baseball players wear. As a result, you’ll get none of those poorly faceted, dull beads that lack the sophisticated glimmer you’re looking for.

What could be a more perfect gift for baseball fans? Treat him like the “all-star” he is!

Diamond’s Meanings & Lore

Tap into the properties related to diamonds: strength, endurance, passion, and energy. Symbolic meanings associated with the color black are authority and power.

Diamonds are known as the “king of crystals”. In ancient times they were used as talismans against cowardice. Therefore, people wore stones to enhance invulnerability.

However, people also believed the powers of the diamond only worked when the diamond was freely given. Consequently, diamonds are considered their most powerful when given as a gift.

Sizes & Prices

Prices will vary depending on the length of the strand and the size of the black diamond beads.

We recommend a 20 to 24-inch length for most men along with the 4mm beads that most of the pro baseball players wear. 16-inch strands are definitely best suited for women and 18-inch strands are best suited to smaller necks too. However, we can make them into any length you want with any size diamond beads. Consequently, you get a wide price range beginning at about $1950.00 for a 20″ strand. See the additional pricing listed below.

Some players even wear multiple strands together. Obviously, these guys are at the top of the salary brackets. To give you a “ballpark” idea (pun intended) of pricing, here are several sizes to consider.

*Please note: Diamond prices constantly change. Therefore, these prices are not guaranteed. Please call for today’s best market pricing.)

16-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $1720.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $2480.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $4120.00

18-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $1935.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $2790.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $4635.00

20-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $2150.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $3100.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $5150.00

22-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $2365.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $3410.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $5650.00

24-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $2580.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $3720.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $6180.00

30-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $3225.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $4650.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $7725.00

32-inch strands with:

  • 1.5-2mm beads = $3440.00
  • 2-3mm beads = $4960.00
  • 3-4mm beads = $8240.00

Call us today at Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Texas for quotes on other lengths, bigger beads, or other questions.

If it’s after hours, leave your questions on our answering machine. We’ll do our homework in regard to your questions and get back to you with answers the next day via your phone or email, whichever you specify.

Or make your purchase online today for this 22-inch Black Diamond Necklace.