Fine, Antique, and Vintage Jewelry Appraisals in Austin, TX

Jewelry Appraisal in Austin, TX

If you have a beautiful piece of antique jewelry that you’ve always wanted appraised or you are looking to find out how much you can get for something that has been sitting around, turn to Copeland Jewelers. We offer watch and jewelry appraisals in Austin, TX, to help customers get a sense of how much they can sell or need to insure their jewelry for. Not only is this helpful for monetary reasons, but it can also be important to know just how much care you should take when handling or storing jewelry. After all, no one wants to leave an expensive piece of jewelry lying around only to find out afterward how much it was worth.

We don’t just give you a number on the price of your antique jewelry; we give you a full written appraisal that is in line with the requirements of insurance companies. This official statement allows you to take it to an insurer as recognition of its value. This document is also in-line with the documentation required by banks and estate professionals and can be tied to your total net worth. No matter how much you think jewelry is worth, let us take a look at it to give it an official appraisal. You never know what you might have lying around in your home.


Purchasing Your Precious Metals

Besides being a fine jewelry store, Copeland Jewelers is happy to purchase a wide variety of precious metals from our clientele. We buy gold, silver, and platinum at fair market prices based on the current market condition and alloy content of the metal itself. Simply get in touch with us today or stop by to find out about the current market value of alloys and let us appraise the value of yours. We make selling unused precious metals quick and convenient.

Contact us today to get your jewelry, watch, or precious metals appraised today. We are proud to serve Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area.