About Copeland Jewelers

Since 1983, Copeland Jewelers has been the premiere jewelry store in Austin, Texas. Copeland Jewelers specializes in unique fine jewelry, expertly curated estate jewelry, vintage jewelry & consignment collections, and the finest custom jewelry and jewelry repair.

As a local jewelry store in Austin, we know what high-quality pieces mean to the customers we have been serving since 1983 and each new customer that walks in our Austin jewelry store.  Our Austin jewelry store features the highest quality colored gemstones saturated in gorgeous colors set into inspiring designs, many encrusted with conflict-free diamonds.  You typically won’t find the pieces we carry in other area stores.

If you are looking for a jewelry store in Austin to create custom jewelry, let Clay Copeland help you design the piece of your dreams! From design to wax model making to casting in precious metals and finally stone setting, Clay can help create a piece that can be cherished for generations to come.

Copeland Jewelers has been a family owned jewelry store in Austin, Texas for over three decades. We’ve built our business on honesty, integrity, value and providing unsurpassed customer service.

If we don’t have it, we can find it. If we can’t find it, we can make it. We have been serving the community for over three decades and are proud to bring our clients the best jewelry Austin, Texas has to offer!


Owner Clay Copeland is what people in the industry call a “Bench Jeweler,” experienced in working with all facets of jewelry designing, making and repairing.

Clay and our other bench jeweler, Martin Fernandez, have 80 years of combined experience creating and repairing fine jewelry. Our manager Katy Sebree, has been handling and stringing pearls and beads in the Austin, Texas jewelry store scene for over 25 years. Our watchmaker is Rolex certified and Jeanette Stephenson, is an expert in vintage and estate jewelry and is quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable people in any jewelry store in Austin, Texas!

Most of our staff has worked with us for 20 years or more. You’ll see the same smiling faces each time you come in.

Visit with Clay and enjoy the difference that over 35 years of hands-on experience makes. When you only want the best, come to Copeland’s. We’ve staked our reputation on it as an Austin, Texas jewelry store for more than 30 years.


We have a love for all things that make Austin a great place to live, including the Austin music scene. Our handmade custom guitar picks made from international coins are highly prized by many Austin musicians and music fans. They attach to a key chain, to a bracelet, or to a chain or leather thong to wear as a pendant.

Like most Austinites, we also love the outdoors and find tremendous inspiration in the wonders of nature, including astronomy, gardening and plants, and Austin’s many trails and waterways.


  • Owner Clay Copeland started in the jewelry business in 1970 while still in high school in El Paso, Texas. He learned to be a bench jeweler at The Sheftall Company in 1976 while managing their shop. He then ran the shop at another popular local jewlery store as well. Clay has been enmeshed with the Austin, Texas jewelry scene for years and his dedication is as solid as his work.

    “There are so many beautiful gemstones, diamonds and jewelry designs out there. I couldn’t possibly limit my customers to a few corporate designers,” says Clay who has a knack for finding jewelry that people love at an excellent value. “I think I got my eye for quality and design from my grandfather who was the design furrier for Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.”

    Starting his own store in 1983 gave Clay much needed perspective for the future of Austin, Texas jewelry store, Copeland Jewelers. Clay now says, “I decided over 20 years ago in Highland Mall customers saw the same thing at 20 different jewelry stores in Austin, Texas that I was not going that route.”

    Within a few years Clay moved to The Arboretum Market under the name of Copeland Jewelers and soon became known for some of the most unique fine pieces that any jewelry store  in Austin,Texas has ever seen.

    Copeland Jewelers opened in its current Davenport Village location in 2000.

    Clay’s passion is creating custom jewelry in Austin, from design to wax model making to casting in precious metals and finally stone setting of all types. “I never want to say no to repairing or making anything. I almost always find a way to get the job done no matter how big or small.”

    Committed to “being honest and always doing the right thing because at the end of the day, all you have is your reputation,” Clay Copeland has earned the reputation of being Austin’s Most Trusted Jeweler.

    See Clay’s favorite piece of jewelry in the store.

  • Martin began his apprenticeship to become a Bench Jeweler at the age of 12 with his father in Nuevo Laredo. Prior to working at our Austin, Texas jewelry store, Martin ran shops for both The Sheftall Company & Benold’s. He also spent time in international sales with Swarogem of the famous Swarovski Crystal.

    See Martin’s favorite piece of jewelry in our Austin, Texas jewelry store.

  • Katy has been a part of the Austin Texas jewelry store scene for years. She has been with Copeland Jewelers almost from the beginning. Katy is Queen of Pearls, stringing pearls and beads since the early 1980s and completing her GIA (Gemological Institute of America) course in pearl stringing over 20 years ago. She can show you how to truly appreciate fine pearls and how to distinguish the different types and qualities. If you are looking for a jewelry store in Austin with an employee that truly knows their craft, come and speak with Katy!

    See Katy’s favorite piece of jewelry in the store.

  • Jeanette is our vintage and estate department expert and the finest amongst any jewelry store in Austin! You’ll benefit from her genuine love for antique and vintage jewelry and her years of experience. She became a Certified AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional) by GIA in the 1980s. Jeanette was initially taught by her father who was a watchmaker and specialized in antique watches.

    See Jeanette’s favorite piece of jewelry in the store.

  • As the son of Clay and Debra Copeland, Chris has been around the jewelry business his entire life. Younger clients searching in a jewelry store in Austin and those looking for a younger style appreciate his sensibilities. He is also our resident professional musician.

    See Chris’s favorite piece of jewelry in the store.

  • Debra handles administration and marketing. Debra truly loves jewelry and rare gemstones and was donning a blue sapphire in her wedding ring long before they were popularized by Lady Diana!

    See Debra’s favorite piece of jewelry in the store.

If you have been searching every jewelry store in Austin, Texas seeking a specific piece, or the most unique piece of jewelry in Austin, come into our shop. Our Austin, Texas jewelry store is filled with some of the most beautiful gems and pieces than any jewelry store in Austin. We invite you to come and try on any of our pieces by our vast number of designers or any of our estate or pieces from our vintage collections!

Copeland Jewelers is proud to be your Austin Texas Jewelry Store!